Combined system specifications

  • All NanoTracker™, NanoWizard®/CellHesion® 200 systems can be combined to become a complete OT-AFM-platform
  • The ConnectorStage™ can combine the AFM with the tweezers hardware on all major inverted optical microscopes from Zeiss, Olympus, Nikon, Leica
  • Two separate controllers drive the two systems independently
  • NanoWizard® AFM controller with software
  • NanoTracker™ OT controller with software
  • Compatible with different sample holders and stages for every application
  • Motorized precision stage for sample positioning
  • Manual precision stage for sample positioning
  • TAO™ module with 2 or 3 axis for sample positioning or scanning
  • Compatible with different coverslip sample holders
  • BioCell™ with perfusion and heating/cooling
  • PetriDishHeater™ for standard Petri dishes with perfusionand heating capabilities
  • CoverslipHolder with perfusion
  • Transmission illumination with a standard condenser for brightfield or DIC
  • Simultaneous fluorescence imaging (epifluorescence, TIRF, confocal)
  • Real-time position/force detection in the optical trap via particle tracking in the live video image
  • User-programmable software
  • Powerful Data Processing (DP) functions with full functionality for data export, fitting, filtering, edge detection, 3D rendering, FFT, cross section, etc.

System components & accessories

The system is compatible with various JPK stages and sample holders for environmental control:

NanoWizard® AFM

AFM specifications for combined system
  • Tip-scanning system for undisturbed optical integration
  • High-resolution and low noise system forimaging and force measurements
  • High performance sample property mapping with JPKs unique QI™ mode
  • Liquid-safe scan head technology perfect for live cell measurements
  • Unique design for transmission illumination with standard condensers

For details see NanoWizard® brochure.

NanoTracker™ 2

OT specifications for combined system
  • Ultra-stable, custom designed laser with 3W, 5W or 10 W output, continuous power adjustment
  • Single beam or dual beam configuration
  • AOD option for fast scanning and up to 250 traps with multiplexing
  • 3D trap positioning
  • Modular design provides flexible hardware upgrade paths

For details see NanoTracker™ 2 brochure.