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Optical systems/accessories, electrochemistry solutions, electrical sample characterization, environmental control options, software modules, temperature control, acoustic and vibration isolation solutions and more. - JPK provides you with the right accessories to control your sample conditions and to perform successful experiments.

OT-AFM Combi-System/ ConnectorStage™

Pow­er­ful Op­ti­cal Tweez­ers & AFM Com­bi­na­tion for force mea­sure­ments in 2D and 3D from 500fN to 10nN

Vortis™ Combi controller

One system for all nano-force applications: The combined high-end solution for JPK Scanning Probe Microscopes and Optical Tweezers systems.

Multichannel LaminarFlowCell - LFC™

  • Multichannel, flexible design with up to 5 inputs and/or outputs
  • Laminar (non-mixing) flow, keeping channels separated

Multichannel LFC™ with temperature control

  • Multichannel design with up to six in- and/or outlets
  • Precision feedback-controlled heater from room temperature to 42°C with 0.1°C stability


  • Designed for live cell imaging
  • Compatible with 35 mm Petri dishes from standard suppliers
  • Heating capabilities from ambient to 60˚C with 0.1˚C precision

MagneticTwister™ option

for applying torque to magnetically sensitive materials