High resolution and fast scanning – a new level of performance

The NanoWizard® 4 BioScience atomic force microscope combines atomic resolution and fast scanning with rates of up to 100 lines/sec and a large scan range of 100µm in one system. It is designed to provide highest mechanical and thermal stability on inverted optical microscopes during long term experiments on samples ranging from single molecules to living cells and tissues.

  • Observe cell and tissue dynamics in real time
  • Enhance productivity, probe more sample positions
  • Time lapse studies on molecules or cells
  • Capture living cells in a well-defined state
  • Correlate all data with optical microscopy

The video shows live CHO cell dynamics.

Expanded usability and experiment control

With the intuitive QI™ mode AFM has become easy for non-experts, beginners and occasional users. It delivers quantitative data and is ideal for measuring any brittle, delicate, soft or sticky sample. Due to our new wizard-technology, the system is more intuitive and easy-to-use than any other Bio-AFM, while providing total flexibility for the user.

Unique solutions for perfect environmental control of biological samples: Imaging samples in liquids under physiological conditions is JPK´s core domain. NanoWizard® 4 comes with the largest number of accessories and modes of any AFM system on the market, providing full flexibility for any application.

The new ExperimentControl™ software feature simplifies setting up the instrument and remote control of complex and long-term experiments is possible via the internet by a PC, tablet or smartphone, delivering a continuous status update.

The image shows major and minor grooves of DNA (click on the image for details).

Comprehensive nanomechanics solutions, from single molecules to living cells and tissues

JPK provides a complete set of methods to characterize mechanical properties such as hardness, viscoelasticity and adhesion of cells, gels, tissues or other large or corrugated heterogeneous samples.

JPK’s improved QI™ mode based on real force curves is an excellent improvement for obtaining quantitative data quickly and easily.

Fluorescence microscopy image with overlaid AFM height image, 3D height image, Contact point and Young´s modulus images of living CHO cells (click on the images for details).

Perfect optical integration provides true correlative microscopy

The NanoWizard® 4 AFM system is compatible with all major inverted research microscopes of Zeiss (Axio Observer, Axio Vert 200, Axio Vert A1), Olympus (IX line), Nikon (TE 2000, Ti line) and Leica (DMi and DMI lines). It can also be perfectly integrated into advanced optical technologies, e.g. with Zeiss LSM 880 confocal microscope and Airyscan [3], and with Superresolution microscopy platforms such as Nikon N-STORM system [1] or PicoQuant MicroTime 200 STED [2]. Our patented DirectOverlay™ software feature enables a perfect overlay of optical and AFM data with sub-diffraction limit precision providing true correlative microscopy. Stand-alone operation is possible with the TopViewOptics™ add-ons [4].

Contact us for real-time demonstrations of simultaneous confocal, STED and AFM techniques with the combined Abberior STEDYCON and JPK NanoWizard® AFM setup at JPK headquarters in Berlin.

NanoWizard® 4 BioScience AFM setups

Key features

Setup Image Nano Wizard 4 Bio Science

  • Fast scanning of up to 100 lines/sec and time per frame of up to 3.6 sec for tracking dynamic processes
  • Atomic lattice resolution on inverted microscopes with a large scan field of 100 × 100 × 15 µm3
  • Outstanding high-resolution quantitative imaging made easy by QI™ quantitative imaging mode for the most challenging of AFM samples
  • Industry-leading technology, integrating optical microscopy in real time
  • Perfect integration with advanced optical methods (FLIM, FCS, FRET, confocal, Raman, etc.) and Superresolution microscopy platforms such as SIM, STED or PALM/STORM
  • True correlative multi-parameter microscopy
  • Enhanced DirectOverlay™ software for direct correlation of AFM and optical data
  • Unique nanomechanics solutions for excellent results
  • Widest range of modes and accessories

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