Where performance meets flexibility - benefit from the widest range of accessories in the market

Optical systems/accessories, electrochemistry solutions, electrical sample characterization, environmental control options, software modules, temperature control, acoustic and vibration isolation solutions and more. JPK provides you with the right accessories to control your sample conditions and to perform successful experiments.


Force Wheel

JPK‘s ForceWheel™ handheld accessory for most sensitive experiment control, e.g., for force spectroscopy.

Cantilever holders

  • Standard holder for all-round applications with a large optical field of view
  • Supercut version for use in air or liquids with removable cantilever spring for maximum cleaning results.

Side-view cantilever holder

This holder is designed for use in combination with inverted optical microscopes to observe the cantilever region from the side.


Coverslip based fluid cell for Live Cell imaging and single molecule fluorescence with temperature control and perfusion


  • closed liquid cell with standard coverslip bottom
  • high-N.A. immersion optics possible
  • autoclavable


  • for Live Cell imaging
  • accomodates 35 mm Petri dishes even with glass bottom


The perfect solution for smallest volume experiments in a hermetically sealed environment, two versions available for volumes <150µl and <60µl.

Heating Cooling Module - HCM™

Designed for heating and cooling experiments in gas or liquids with minimized drift in all dimensions.


  • works with transparent or non-transparent substrates
  • temp. range from ambient to 60°C
  • max. 1350µL liquid volume

Vibration isolation systems

from Accurion, Table Stable and TMC

JPK Acoustic Enclosure

Approved for high performance applications: acoustic hood from JPK for utmost stability and isolation, with temperature control option.

JPK base for acoustic enclosure

Approved for high performance applications: base frame with top plate from JPK for utmost stability.

Upright Fluorescence Microscope (UFM) Kit

The Upright Fluorescence Microscope (UFM) Kit enables the combined use of AFM and upright fluorescence zoom microscopy.


The optical system for non transparent samples or substrates such as HOPG, mica, ceramics, metall etc.

TopViewOptics™ with boom stand

The optical system for non transparent samples or substrates such as HOPG, mica, ceramics, implants etc. Can be used in combination with inverted microscopes.

TopViewOptics™ for use with inverted optical microscopes

The optical system for use with inverted optical microscopes or the JPK BioMAT™.

FluidFM® ADD-ON from Cytosurge

This technology enables easy handling of liquid volumes at the femtoliter scale by providing a range of hollow cantilever designs.

JPK sample holder for small samples

Adaptor for standard sample holder. Holds magnetically fixed AFM metal stubs.

JPK cable anchorage pillow

Heavy weight pillow for fixation of cables to reduce noise coupling.

JPK cantilever changing tool

Probe loading station for convenient cantilever exchange.

JPK bio-compatible glue

For cantilever or sample fixation, easy removable and bio-compatible (2x 4ml).

Syringe pumps

from World Precision Instruments (WPI)

Fluidics Module

JPK FluidicsModule™ with up to 8 different liquids such as buffer solutions

Cantilever shop

Cantilevers for standard contact and AC mode, high-resolution EBD tip cantilevers, chemically functionalized cantilevers, test grids, substrates and more

CCD, EMCCD and CMOS cameras

JPK supplies cameras from all major manufacturers, e.g., Andor® Technology, Jenoptik, The Imaging Source and IDS Imaging Development Systems.