CellHesion® 200 specifications

  • Innovative platform for cell adhesion/cell mechanics research for measurements from single-molecules to entire cells and tissue
  • Compatible with inverted microscopes for combined experiments, e.g., Zeiss Axio Observer, Axiovert A1, Nikon Ti/TE 2000, Nikon Ti2, Olympus IX series and Leica DMi series
  • Compatible with all major light microscopy techniques such as DIC and phase contrast or fluorescence and confocal techniques such as TIRF, FRAP, LSM and others
  • Compatible with upright macroscopes and stereo microscopes such as Zeiss AxioZoom V.16, Leica Z16 ApoA, Leica M205FA and Olympus MVX10
  • Automated range adaption in z direction for strong corrugated surfaces
  • Cantilever sensor lifting system with >110µm travel range with closed-loop control through high-speed capacitive sensor feedback
  • Equipped with motorized precision stage, in particular for tissue probing, within 20×20mm range
  • Living cell studies in native environment with tempeature control, perfusion and gas flow (CO2) on coverslips with the JPK BioCell™ or 35mm Petri dishes with or without glass bottom from Wilco, BD, WPI with the JPK PetriDishHeater™
  • All parts which came in contact with the sample are easy to clean
  • Compatible with standard incubators (specify model)
  • High-throughput determination of cellular interaction parameters through JPK software batch processing
  • Single-molecule events, work of removal, maximum adhesion forces, number of unbinding events and viscoelastic parameters such as Young’s modulus in one system