BioCell™ coverslip based liquid cell

The BioCell™ allows for the temperature-dependent study of living cells or single molecules with the CellHesion® in their native environment. It is therefore particularly suited for applications in cell biology and biomedical research. As an add-on for inverted optical microscopes the CellHesion® in combination with the BioCell™ offers the unique possibility to simultaneously study temperature-dependent processes like cell motility and metabolism with the CellHesion® and simultaneous advanced optical imaging. During CellHesion® measurement all the optical microscope‘s operation modes, in particular contrast techniques, remain constantly available. Even high-resolution fluorescence confocal microscopy and single-molecule fluorescence techniques are possible since objective lenses with highest numerical aperture can be used.

  • Insert for Life Science stage
  • Temperature range: 15 to 60°C
  • Resolution: 0.1°C
  • Quick-exchange cover slip bottom
  • Connections for liquid perfusion and gas flow (e.g., CO 2 mix)
  • Compatible to the CellHesion® sample stage (Life Science version)
  • Drift-minimized in all direction
Bio Cell For Cell Hesion