Quantitative Measurements of Cell Mechanics and Cell Adhesion

Our CellHesion® products quantify single cell-cell and cell-surface interactions under physiological conditions. This ground-breaking technique, known as single cell force spectroscopy (SCFS), measures the interaction forces between a living cell attached to a cantilever and a target cell, functionalized substrate, tissue or biomaterial. Simultaneously, biomechanical characteristics of the cell including stiffness and elasticity can be determined. A large variety of accessories makes the systems highly flexible.


CellHesion® 200

A dedicated stand-alone platform for the study of cell/tissue mechanics and adhesion. Can be used on either your inverted optical or confocal microscope.

CellHesion module thumbnail

CellHesion® module

Accessory for the NanoWizard® AFM. Combines cell adhesion and cell mechanics investigations with AFM imaging techniques.