• True atomic resolution on inverted microscope in closed-loop (<0.015 nm RMS z height noise level)
  • Ultra-low noise level of cantilever deflection detection system < 2 pm RMS free (0.1 Hz -1 kHz)
  • Highest detector bandwidth of 8 MHz for high speed signal capture
  • Tip-scanning, stand-alone system, with a rigid low-noise design and drift-minimized mechanics
  • The only liquid-safe AFM with integrated vapor barrier, special encapsulated piezo drives and tip-moving design
  • IR deflection detection light source with low coherence
  • Transmission illumination with standard condensers for precise brightfield, DIC and phase contrast
  • Scanner unit
    • 30×30×6.5 μm³ scan range with 1.5 μm extra z range with high-speed option
    • Sensor noise level < 0.09 nm RMS in xy
    • 0.04 nm RMS sensor noise level in z

Vortis 2 SPMControl electronics

  • State-of-the-art digital controller with lowest
  • noise levels and highest flexibility
  • New workflow-based
  • V7 SPMControl software

  • True multi-user platform, perfect for imagingfacilities
  • User-programmable software
  • Fully automated sensitivity and spring constant calibration using thermal noise or Sader method
  • New DirectOverlay 2 for combined optical and AFM information
  • Improved ForceWatch™ and TipSaver™ mode for force spectroscopy and imaging
  • Advanced spectroscopy modes such as various force clamp modes or ramp designs
  • Powerful Data Processing (DP) with full functionality for data export, fitting, filtering, edge detection, 3D rendering, FFT, cross section, etc.
  • Powerful batch processing of force curves and images including WLC, FJC, step-fitting, JKR, DMT model and other analyses

Stages and sample holders

  • Stages are available for all major inverted optical microscope manufacturers such as Zeiss, Nikon, Olympus and Leica
  • Motorized precision stage with 20×20 mm2 travel range with joystick or software control
  • Manual precision with 20×20 mm2 travel range
  • Holders for Petri dishes, coverslips, microscope slides or metal SPM discs are available
  • Large Ø140×18 mm3 free sample volume up to 14 cm in z with new Head-Up stage
  • Largest number of accessories and probes (see accessories handbook)
  • Large choice of temperature controls (for ambient, liquid and gas), liquid cells even for aggressive solvents
  • Vibration and acoustic isolation from leading suppliers

Optical configurations

  • Fits on inverted microscopes from
    • Zeiss (Axio Observer, Axio Vert 200, Axio Vert A1)
    • Olympus (IX line)
    • Nikon (TE 2000, Ti line)
    • Leica (DMi line)
  • AFM simultaneously with optical Microscopy
    • Fully simultaneous operation with optical phasecontrast and DIC using standard condensers
    • Combine AFM with advanced commercial confocal microscopes and fluorescence optical techniques such as FCS, FRET, TIRF, FLIM, FRAP, STED, STORM/PALM, SIM and more
  • TopViewOptics video optics for opaque samples with 12 × zoom
  • BioMAT option (see BioMAT brochure)
  • For high-NA upright fluorescence optics combined with AFM on opaque samples
  • Supports upright research microscopes such as Zeiss Axio Imager and Axioscope, Olympus, BX51/53 and BX FM, LEXT, Leica DM, 4000/5000
  • Upright Fluorescence Microscope (UFM) Kit
  • Enables the combined use of AFM and upright optical fluorescence microscopes such as Zeiss Axio Zoom V16, Leica Macroscope Z16, ApoA, Olympus MVX 10 MacroView
  • Large range of supported cameras
    • High-end EM-CCD cameras such as models from Andor (iXon)(1), Hamamatsu(3) and Photometrics (Evolve) (3)
    • sCMOS cameras from Andor (Zyla)(1) or Hamamatsu (Orca) (3)
    • CCD and CMOS cameras from Jenoptik(2), IDS(1) , μEye(1) or PCO (2)

      (1)Native, (2)On-board, (3)Communication link

Standard Operating Modes

Imaging modes
  • Now with PeakForce Tapping
  • Contact mode with lateral force microscopy (LFM)
  • Tapping Mode™ with PhaseImaging™
Force measurements
  • Static and dynamic spectroscopy
  • Advanced force mapping

Optional Modes

  • High-speed scanning option
    10 frames/sec
  • Fast QI Advanced mode for quantitative data, perfect for soft samples
  • Mechanical properties such as adhesion, elasticity, stiffness, deformation
  • Conductivity and charge distribution mapping
  • Contact Point Imaging (CPI) with zero force
  • Molecular recognition imaging for binding site mapping
  • Advanced AC modes such as FM and PM with Q-control & Active
  • Gain Control
  • Higher harmonics imaging
  • Kelvin Probe Microscopy and SCM MFM and EFM (see also QI mode)
  • Conductive AFM (see also QI mode)
  • STM
  • Electrical spectroscopy modes
  • Piezoresponse Microscopy for high voltages
  • Electrochemistry with temperature control and optical microscopy
  • NanoLithography & NanoManipulation
  • Nanoindentation
  • Scanning Thermal AFM
  • FluidFM® solution from Cytosurge
  • ExperimentPlanner for designing a specific measurement workflow
  • RampDesigner™ for custom designed clamp and ramp experiments
  • ExperimentControl feature for remote experiment control
  • DirectOverlay 2 for combined AFM and optical microscopy
  • Additional XY or Z sample movement stages available with CellHesion®, TAO™ and HybridStage™ module