Where performance meets flexibility - benefit from the widest range of accessories in the market

Optical systems/accessories, electrochemistry solutions, electrical sample characterization, environmental control options, software modules, temperature control, acoustic and vibration isolation solutions and more. JPK provides you with the right accessories to control your sample conditions and to perform successful experiments.


The JPK HybridStage™

Automated mapping of sample properties over a large area from millimeters to nanometers and with picoNewton force resolution.

Vortis™ 2 SPMControl station

    Full featured, low-noise, high-performance, digital SPM controller

      Vortis™ 2 Advanced SPMControl station

      • High-performance digital SPM controller with lowest noise levels and highest number of signal channels
      • Video rate scanning performance with maximum data pixel rate up to 800.000 pixels/sec
      • Optimized for PeakForce Tapping®

      ForceRobot® 300 system option

      The innovative force spectroscope with fully automated work flow.

      TAO™ Tip Assisted Optics module

      Specialized sample stage for advanced experiments combining AFM and optical spectroscopy

      CellHesion® module

      The CellHesion® module combines the capabilities of the BioAFM with precise adhesion force measurements.

      NanoOptics system option

      • Version with fiber port for fiber SNOM experiments
      • UV transparency version for top/down illumination

      CellHesion® 200 system option

      The single cell force testing solution for cell adhesion and elasticity studies.

      BioMaterials Workstation BioMAT™

      Completely integrated system comprising upright optical microscope and AFM.

      DirectOverlay™ 2 software module

      Perfect optical integration enables direct correlation of AFM and optical data


      Remote control and monitoring of complex and long-term experiments.

      QI™ Advanced mode

      The QI™-Advanced option delivers parameters like adhesion, stiffness, dissipation and more while scanning.


      Allows customized experimental procedures, including control of external equipment

      Advanced Force Spectroscopy module

      For advanced force measurement experiments from single protein unfolding, DNA stretching to probing of cells and tissue.

      NanoLithography/ NanoManipulation module

      Software module for NanoWizard® systems.

      MicroRheology software module

      For visco-elastic properties of living cells and other samples such as gels or foams.

      HyperDrive™ fluid imaging package

      For highest resolution imaging of soft samples in air and liquid

      CoverslipHolder with electrical sample connection

      For electrical measurements such as Conductive AFM or STM on a coverslip in combination with high NA optics

      Electrical sample connection module

      Accommodates electrical conductive samples such as AFM metal stubs by magnetic fixation or transparent samples such as ITO coated glass coverslips.

      Kelvin Probe Microscopy (KPM) module

      Option for nanoscale mapping of surface potential distribution

      Conductive AFM (CAFM) module

      For high-performance conductivity experiments

      Conductive AFM module - enclosed volume

      For high-performance conductivity experiments under controlled environmental conditions

      Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM) module

      Tip-bias wire holder with integrated current amplifier circuit and automatic samp-le grounding

      High Voltage Sample Bias Amplifier

      For biasing a sample, e.g., in electro-optical experiments or in Piezoresponse Force Microscopy (PFM) and piezo hysteresis mapping


      For most sensitive experiment control, e.g. force fishing experiments

      Head-up stage

      For tall samples up to 140mm height


      Automated mapping of sample properties over a large range for structured substrates, microspheres, cells. etc.


      For sample property changes under external mechanical load up to 200N

      StretchingStage for higher forces

      Enables sample property changes under external mechanical load up to 5000N or 10000N

      Motorized precision stage

      Offers automatic motion control for precise positioning of the sample relative to optical axis and AFM probe.

      Standard stage

      Offers fine motion control for precise positioning of the AFM tip relative to the sample.

      Sample holder for large samples

      The holder can accommodate larger samples such as microchips or wafers and is equipped with spring clips which can be varied.

      SideView cantilever holder

      For use in combination with inverted optical microscopes to observe the cantilever region from the side.

      Cantilever holder with electrical tip connection

      For use in air with a fixed cantilever spring and an electrical tip connection

      BioCell™ for AFM

      Coverslip based fluid cell for Live Cell imaging and single molecule fluorescence with temperature control and perfusion1


      • closed liquid cell with standard coverslip bottom
      • high-N.A. immersion optics possible
      • autoclavable


      • for Live Cell imaging
      • accomodates 35 mm Petri dishes even with glass bottom


      The perfect solution for smallest volume experiments in a hermetically sealed environment, two versions available for volumes <150µl and <60µl.

      High Temperature Heating Stage - HTHS™

      Designed for polymer science and phase separation studies from ambient up to 300°C with a resolution of 0.1°C and minimized drift in all dimensions.

      Heating Cooling Module - HCM™

      Designed for heating and cooling experiments in gas or liquids with minimized drift in all dimensions.

      Heating Cooling Stage - HCS™

      Designed for AFM experiments in air or liquids from 0°C up to 100°C with minimized drift in all dimensions – HCS™ follows the same design criteria as HTHS™.


      JPK offers specialized cryostages together with NanoWizard® systems for cooling applications down to -120°C.


      • works with transparent or non-transparent substrates
      • temp. range from ambient to 60°C
      • max. 1350µL liquid volume

      HCS™ with electrochemistry cell

      Designed for electrochemistry AFM experiments with controlled heating and cooling of the sample.


      Potentiostats from Bruker and third parties, e.g. from IPS, for electrochemistry applications together with NanoWizard systems.

      JPK Acoustic Enclosure

      Approved for high performance applications: acoustic hood from JPK for utmost stability and isolation, with temperature control option.

      JPK base for acoustic enclosure

      Approved for high performance applications: base frame with top plate from JPK for utmost stability.

      TopViewOptics™ module

      Optical system to view tip and sample during experiments on opaque samples


      The optical system for non transparent samples or substrates such as HOPG, mica, ceramics, metall etc.

      TopViewOptics™ for use with inverted optical microscopes

      The optical system for use with inverted optical microscopes or the JPK BioMAT™.

      Raman reflector kit

      Raman reflector kit for Tip-Enhanced Raman Scattering (upright-TERS) on opaque samples.

      Upright Fluorescence Microscope (UFM) Kit

      The Upright Fluorescence Microscope (UFM) Kit enables the combined use of AFM and upright fluorescence zoom microscopy.

      FluidFM® ADD-ON from Cytosurge

      This technology enables easy handling of liquid volumes at the femtoliter scale by providing a range of hollow cantilever designs.

      JPK sample holder for small samples

      Adaptor for standard sample holder. Holds magnetically fixed AFM metal stubs.

      JPK cable anchorage pillow

      Heavy weight pillow for fixation of cables to reduce noise coupling.

      JPK cantilever changing tool

      Probe loading station for convenient cantilever exchange.

      JPK bio-compatible glue

      For cantilever or sample fixation, easy removable and bio-compatible (2x 4ml).


      JPK FluidicsModule™ with up to 8 different liquids such as buffer solutions

      Cantilever shop

      For all kind of applications and experimental needs

      Scanning Thermal Microscopy module - SThM

      From Bruker Anasys, for thermal conductivity experiments