• Maximum scan speed of up to 50 frames/sec with 100 ×100 nm² scan range and 10 k pixels
  • Atomic defect resolution in closed-loop
  • Designed for medium to small sized cantilevers for lowest forces and highest scan speeds
  • Ultra-low noise cantilever-deflection detection system
  • IR cantilever-deflection detection light source with small spot size
  • Optional photothermal cantilever drive. 730 nm wavelength ensures minimal sample interaction compared to blue-light excitation
  • Highest detector bandwidth of 8 MHz for high speed signal capture
  • Automated laser and detector alignment
  • Scanner unit
    • 2 × 2 × 1.5 µm³ scan range
    • Sensor noise level < 0.09 nm RMS in xy
    • 0.04 nm RMS sensor noise level in z
    • Highest resonance frequency for z axis of >180 kHz
    • Typical sample size 4 mm diameter

Control electronics

  • Vortis 2 Speed controller: State-of-the-art, digital controller with lowest noise levels and highest flexibility
  • Newly designed, high-voltage power amplifier drives the scanner unit

New workflow-based V7 SPMControl software

  • True multi-user platform, ideal for imaging facilities
  • User-programmable software
  • AutoAlignment and setup
  • Advanced feedback algorithms
  • Fully automated sensitivity and spring constant calibration using thermal noise or Sader method
  • Improved ForceWatch™ and TipSaver™ mode for force spectroscopy and imaging
  • Advanced spectroscopy modes, e.g. various force clamp modes or ramp designs
  • Powerful Data Processing (DP) with full functionality for data export, fitting, filtering, edge detection, 3D rendering, FFT, cross section, etc.
  • Powerful batch processing of force curves and images, including WLC, FJC, step-fitting, JKR, DMT model and other analyses

Standard Modes

Imaging modes
  • TappingMode™ with PhaseImaging™
  • Contact mode with lateral force microscopy (LFM)
Force measurements
  • Static and dynamic spectroscopy
  • Advanced Force Mapping

Optional Modes

  • PeakForce™ Tapping for imaging
  • Advanced AC modes such as FM and PM with Q-control & Active Gain Control
  • Higher harmonics imaging
  • NanoManipulation
  • ExperimentPlanner™ for designing a specific measurement workflow
  • RampDesigner™ for custom designed clamp and ramp experiments
  • ExperimentControl™ feature for remote experiment control