Specialized solutions for applications ranging from BioAFM and Polymer Research to Surface Science and NanoOptics

The NanoWizard® is the most flexible high-end AFM on the market. It sets the benchmark in resolution, speed and stability in particular for fluid applications. All NanoWizard® systems provide true integration of AFM with optical microscopy by means of our patented DirectOverlay™ feature for precise and easy work, and comes with a large variety of options and accessories. In addition, the NanoWizard® family comes with the QI™ Mode, an easy and intuitive imaging mode for quantitative imaging.

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NanoWizard 4 XP BioScience AFM

Extreme performance and ease of use for applications in Life Science and Soft Matter research ranging from single molecules to living cells and tissues.

Nwus2 320

NanoWizard® ULTRA Speed 2 AFM

High-speed imaging and super-resolution AFM on inverted microscopes, paired with unparalleled flexibility.

Nanowizard Nanoscience Afm

NanoWizard® 4 NanoScience AFM

For applications in materials and polymer science ranging from nanomechanics and electrochemistry to electrical and magnetic measurements.

Nanowizard Nanooptics

NanoWizard® NanoOptics AFM

Comprehensive solution for advanced experiments which combine AFM and optical spectroscopy such as TERS, Aperture SNOM and sSNOM, confocal microscopy and nano manipulation in optical fields.

Biomat Workstation

BioMAT™ Workstation

For opaque samples, combining upright optical microscopy with AFM for surface science and life science.

Thumbnail Ot Afm Combi System

OT-AFM Combi-System

NanoTracker™ & NanoWizard® - Powerful combination of Optical Tweezers & AFM in one system for force measurements in 2D and 3D from 500fN to 10nN.

Nw Sense 390X390

NanoWizard® Sense AFM

The best start in AFM for applications in materials and life science.