ECCell™ electrochemistry cell

Electrochemistry with temperature control and transmission optics such as phase contrast, DIC or fluorescence together with AFM. The unique combination of temperature controlled electrochemical measurements with high-end optics makes the ECCell™ the ideal tool for combined studies of temperature and potential sensitive biomolecules.

  • Works with transparent or non-transparent substrates
  • Accommodates standard coverslips, metal or silicon chips or other substrates
  • Temperature range from ambient to 60°C
  • max. 1350µL liquid volume with perfusion capability
  • Sealed design for inert gas filling
  • Wire electrodes and miniature reference electrode
  • Suitable for conductive films or substrates (e.g., ITO coated glass)
  • Compatible with common potentiostats
  • Allows the use of high numerical aperture lenses for optimum fluorescence performance
  • Unrestricted high resolution AFM imaging

Product note