JPK expands availability of instrumentation in the USA – appointing new distributors – launched a new web site to support the US market - AFM now available to US users

Nw Nanoscience Setup 550X417

The NanoWizard® 3a NanoScience AFM system

JPK Instruments, a world-leading manufacturer of nanoanalytic instrumentation for research in life sciences and soft matter, announces their expansion into the US market with new distributors and the availability of the NanoWizard®AFM.

JPK have been developing and supplying nanotechnology instrumentation for the materials & life sciences for more than twelve years. Having introduced their optical tweezers and force robotic measurement systems to the USA, JPK is now responding to requests to bring their AFM instrumentation to the USA. A new web site dedicated to the US market has been launched:

The NanoWizard® is the core of JPK’s AFM specialised solutions for applications ranging from BioAFM and Polymer Research to Surface Science and NanoOptics. All NanoWizard® systems provide true integration of AFM with optical microscopy through the patented DirectOverlay™ feature for precise and easy work, and come with a large variety of options and accessories. Additionally, NanoWizard® provides QI™ mode - a force curve-based imaging mode - as standard.

To support these new efforts, JPK has appointed a second distribution channel for US customers. Joining the well-established Ragona Scientific (Rochester,NY), is the mid-west company, DMS, Inc. led by experienced microscopy specialist Doug D’Arcy. Speaking of his expectations of working with JPK, D’Arcy said “JPK's products and recognized expertise in life science and materials research is a welcome addition to our product offering. DMS is excited to be appointed as the JPK Central US Representative, promoting their worldclass systems to the research community. With extensive experience in sales and support of SPM, optical and spectroscopic instrumentation, our customer base covers a broad range of disciplines in the academic, government and industrial sectors. I look forward to working together with the JPK team in providing our customers the highest level of instrument performance and technical support for their research needs.”

For more details about JPK’s NanoWizard® AFM systems and applications for the bio & nano sciences, please contact JPK on +49 30 5331 12070, visit the web site: