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March 7, 2017

JPK’s NanoWizard® AFM systems are used at the University of Sheffield to understand soft matter and biological … 

February 8, 2017

JPK reports on the use of STM to study surface plasmons in the Molecular Science Group at ISMO – Institut … 

December 14, 2016

JPK launches the OT-AFM Combi-System - the world’s first combined system to provide optical tweezers and … 

November 22, 2016

JPK’s NanoTracker™ 2 optical tweezers system is used in the Modesti group at the Centre for Cancer Research, … 

September 22, 2016

JPK’s NanoWizard® AFM and CellHesion® systems are used to shed light on the development and regeneration … 

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March 20 - 24

Forum des microscopies à sonde locale 2017, Montpellier, France

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OT-AFM Combi-System

Powerful Optical Tweezers & AFM Combination for force measurements in 2D and 3D from 500fN to 10nN


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