Automated Force Spectroscopy

ForceRobot® 300 - Automated Force Spectroscope (forcerobot, forcerobot300, forcerobot 300)

forcerobot, forcerobot300, forcerobot 300ForceRobot® 300 - Automated Force Spectroscope

ForceRobot® 300 - Automated Force Spectroscope

Using the ForceRobot® overcomes the limitations of traditional force measurements. The ForceRobot® automates routine procedures and provides software support for experimental design, data acquisition and evaluation.

Key features

  • Fully automated force spectroscope with highest flexibility
  • Cutting edge force spectroscopy and force mapping in combination with single molecule fluorescence
  • Automated laser and detector alignment
  • Automated cantilever drift compensation
  • Advanced and dedicated software with ExperimentPlanner™, RampDesigner™ and built-in data batch processing
  • Fits to the Vortis™ controller